The Lord will make room for you

The Lord will make room for you

Abandoning that one, he dug another well, and the local people finally left him alone. So Isaac called it "Room Enough", for he said, "At last the Lord has made room for us and we will be able to thrive. NLT. (Genesis 26:22)

Isaac’s move to Gerar: Isaac had settled near Beer-Iahairoi (“the well of the Living One who sees me”), where his sons, Jacob and Esau, were born. A famine drove him to Gerar. But when he became wealthy, his jealous neighbours asked him to leave. From Gerar he moved to Beersheba.

Isaac came to the land of Gerar as a foreigner in the year of a devastating drought when it was unwise to plant anything. Isaac went ahead and planted crops. The Bible records that he recorded a bumper harvest that year. That is not our focus today. Our focus is that in that same year, he reopened the well that was dug by his father Abraham. But the local shepherd came and threw thrash and garbage inside the well. He went ahead and dug another well in the valley of Gerar and he found a gushing spring. Again the local people of Gerar came to quarrel with him about the well. He left it for them and named the well "Argument" or "Esek". He went to another place to dig another well and also found water. The people of the place also came to oppose him bitterly. He left the well for them and named it "Opposition" or "Sitnah." He went to dig another well and as usual, he found water and the local people finally left him alone. He called the well "Room Enough" or "Rehoboth"

A word of prophecy

Here is a prophetic word for you this year. This year, as you dig it, you will find water. Any direction you go, there shall be outstanding grace and favour that brings result. Vanity has become a thing of the past for you in Jesus’ name. Every opposition and protest against your breakthrough has come to an end. This year, all your enemies will leave you alone. Those who have been saying "no way" for you will leave you alone this year. Jehovah Rehoboth-God of Enough Room (God of Open Space) shall arise for you this year. He shall make enough room for you to become whatever you want to become this year. You don’t have to be a citizen of any country before you can make it. Isaac was a foreigner in Gerar, yet every where he dug, he found water. This is how your case will be this year. Your blessing is not dependent on the economy or the value of the currency of your country. It depends on the God’s grace, God’s favour, and God’s promise. Isaac operated in Gerar when the economy of the place was in total shamble, but, that was the year he made it. This is because Jehovah Rehoboth was working for him.

A word of prayer

Jehovah Rehoboth will work for you this year. He will make room for you and you will thrive.


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