Services & Location

Services & Location

Time of Power; Joy for All…Join the service where Prayers to God advance you and God’s words set you free totally!!!

Sunday Service: (10am – 12:30pm)
1st Sun – Victory Thanksgiving Service
2nd Sun – Breakthrough Service
3rd Sun – Dig Deep Service
4th Sun – Solution Service
Wednesdays: (7pm – 9pm)

Worship Centre (The Hall and Holy Communion at the Chapel)
1st Wed – Praise Night
2nd Wed – Hour of Accomplishment
3rd Wed – Time of Power Prayer Pack Night
4th Wed – Time of Power; Joy for All Anointing Night/Holy Communion
Time of Power on the Air:
(Phone number: +1-832-551-5100, Access code: 159079# option 1
to join in Prayer for Dominion Prosperity)
Sunday Night: 9pm – 10pm
Friday Night/Saturday Morning: 12am – 1am

Check our church Calendar for further events announcement.
It is the time of power; Joy for All, in the Name of Jesus.


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