Christianity or Religion?

Christianity or Religion?

Part 1

What do people seek for in life? Do people seek God? Or do they just choose to receive Christ because their friend has done so? Do they really want to have a relationship with God through Christ or do they just seek the benefits of knowing Christ without true desire of knowing God intimately?

Many people are like that but we should not just follow people because of what they seek for in christianity. We must have convictions, our convictions not other people’s beliefs. Christianity has its benefits but its not just the benefits that matters but having a sincere desire to know God through Jesus. Then we can truly experience the living God because he is spirit and we cannot lie to God because he knows all things. He wants us to worship him in spirit and in truth(John 4:24).

Christianity is based on having a true relationship with the Lord and not just "playing church." Religion on the other hand is just like a "show off" of what we know about God. Some people know about God but don’t know God himself. Religion won’t get us anywhere but having a relationship with the Lord is worth heaven and earth.

All kinds of inventions and gadgets is filling the world but what is its true worth? Its good for now on earth but how long will it last? Its not the same thing as eternal life(John 3:16) and believing God because all these things will end someday but eternal life is forevermore. Its good using these things but its not the same as eternal life. People who don’t have Christ in their lives don’t know what eternal life is worth. If we truly know God and know what eternal life is worth then we would appreciate life better and hope for eternity.We must recognize the value of eternal life, know its worth and keep it.

Part 2 

There’s the quest for wealth and respect in the society in the world today. There’s the quest to be secured and be significant in the world but there’s something greater. Many things are happening in the world today but what does the bible have to say about this things? There are accidents, marital problems, sexual abuse, homosexuality and crime in the society today but what does the bible say about this things?

The bible is not silent about these things because the book of 2Tim.3:1-5 addresses these issues. There are answers to these problems in the bible but are people in the world looking for answers? Yes, man is always looking for answers in the world today. But is man looking in the right place?The answers to these problems are in the bible and man has to find it there. The book of timothy tells us that in the last days, there shall be perilous times and people will love themselves rather than love God, they will seek to go their own way rather than God’s way.All these questions have answers. JESUS is the answer to all these questions! As long as man wants answers to these questions, man will find them in Christ.

Man must seek God and find him because he can be sought through a divine relationship through Christ.He loves us but does man recognize this?Yes and man should accept the love which he has shown. There’s no other way but Christ because Jesus is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). No one can even approach God without Christ. He is the only way to salvation (Acts 4:12).


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