“But the land which you enter to possess is a land of hills and valleys which drinks water of the rain of the heavens, A land for which the Lord your God cares; the eyes of the Lord your God are always upon it from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.” (Deuteronomy 11:11-12 AMPC).

1. I pronounce that your joy shall enjoy rejoicing and you shall have joy unspeakable. No barriers to your breakthroughs shall stand. You shall enjoy the fullness of joy. Every area of your life shall be a great source of joy. Your reproach shall end now.  Your heart shall be strengthened with joy and rejoicing. Amen.

2. I declare that there shall be released and you shall enjoy a bounty harvest of miracles. Wherever you might have been locked up, God’s mercy shall locate you and you shall arise and shine. God of Elijah shall provide for your needs and you shall not lack good things. Amen.

3. I declare again, there shall be the shower of blessings, and it shall fall upon you. Divine blessings that surpass human understanding shall be granted unto you. Obed-Edom received blessings that could not be comprehended by human beings, it is your turn to be exceptionally blessed beyond every expectation. Amen.

*According to God’s Word for us in Deuteronomy 11:11-12; Psalm 31 and Psalm 32, I now proclaim upon you and your family as follows:*

4. I decree that henceforth that you shall be unstoppable, you shall be strengthened and never fall to the hands of your enemies. The will of your enemies shall never prevail over you. Your enemies shall be used as stepping stones to your breakthroughs, and you shall move forward as God will never let you down. Amen.

5. I declare open doors shall be your portion now. By the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I command every potential imbibe in you to begin to speak out the glory of God. I decree every experience of wilderness in your life and generation to be shall over and you shall enjoy fully all that generational blessings stand for. Amen.

6. I declare that every dry land in your life shall drink from the rains from heaven, and your life shall bring forth fruits both in and out of season. You will never lose your opportunity for any reason. You and yours shall receive divine strength to go beyond the human imagination. Amen.

7. In your life and vocation, God’s mercy shall prevail over judgment. All your failures shall become successes and your breakdowns shall become breakthroughs. All your losses of the past till now shall become gains, and your rejections shall become approvals. Your years shall be long and you shall enjoy a long life in sound health and financial dominion. Amen.

8. I declare that all evils shall dissolve and never trouble you again. Oh yes, whatever the wicked meant for evil in your life shall be turned around for your good. You shall profit greatly from every enemy’s attacks on you. Wherever you may be today, God’s mercy shall locate you. Amen.

9. All your Amens shall bring you unspeakable breakthroughs. The Lord will put urgency in the mind of your helpers to come to your aid. From now on, you will begin to experience assistance, and favour from unusual quarters and unexpected sources. Amen.

10. You shall enjoy sweet help all around your life forever. You will henceforth have more than enough blessings by the power of the Holy Spirit. Everything that belongs to you shall yield you a bountiful harvest of God’s blessing. Signs and wonders shall follow you forever. You and yours are made for signs. You shall be lifted and no evil will befall you and no calamity will come to your dwelling. Be forever blessed!!!



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