“Yahweh claims the world as his. Everything and everyone belong to him! He’s the one who pushed back oceans to let the dry ground appear, planting firm foundations for the earth.”(Psalm 24:1-2 TPT).

1. I declare a new season of brightness and joy upon you. You shall experience divine blessings and mercy shall remain your friend forever. Your name shall be favoured with completed miracles. God’s Mercy shall elevate you to the next level of greatness. You are in for aggravated blessings beyond every expectation. I decree sudden miracles that surpass your understanding shall be your portion now and forever. Every barrier to your breakthroughs shall dissolve and never rise against you again. Amen.

2. I declare divine vibration. I decree miraculous happenings. I affirm that the Lord shall visit you with unexpected miracles. You will no longer apply to be great, the favour of God shall make you great. The Lord shall order your steps to greatness and your greatness shall be great in glorious manifestation. You are lifted and your lifting up shall be divine and sweet forever. Amen.

3. I declare that the presence of God will go before you and make you prosperous in all your endeavours. God’s mercy shall strengthen your helper to locate you. God’s angel of goodness shall go before you and make a way for you. Every eye that sees you now and forever will favour you. Amen.

According to God’s Word for us in Psalm 24; Mark 5:21-43, 6:1-6, I now proclaim upon you and your family as follows:

4. I declare that your’ going out and coming in shall remain blessed forever. Every plan of the enemy concerning your life and family this season is hereby dissolved and cancelled. Amen.

5. Your life shall henceforth affirm that you are the head and not the tail. Wherever you may now, the mercy of God shall speak for you. Your fortune helpers shall locate you by God’s mercy and you shall receive favour forever. The Lord shall deliver you from the daily snares that are against you. God’s power shall work in your direction and favour you with great mercy. All your enemies shall scatter. Every spirit of slumber in your life shall be consumed and dissolved by fire. Amen.

6. God’s Mercy shall open the heavens of unexpected blessings to you. There shall be a great outpouring of healing and sound health in every sick area of your life. Evil counsel against you shall have no effect as I nullify every move of evil counsel against you. Divine and supernatural blessings are now yours forever. Amen.

7. I break every barrier erected as obstacles between you and  God’s goodness for your life. By the power of God Almighty, I rebuke sickness of any kind. I declare that untimely death shall not be your portion. Every evil altar raised to cut your life short shall be consumed by fire and dissolve. Your journey now and beyond shall not lead to death. Every Haman of your life shall receive unexpected disgrace. You shall continue to wax stronger in the Lord from now and forever. Amen.

8. God’s Mercy will shine on you as you step out and come in. Every step you take shall lead to supernatural miracles in your life. Divine visitation for Divine blessings shall be granted unto you. The Lord will do a new thing in your life. Amen.

9. I declare open heaves, open doors and open favour upon your life.  You shall enjoy open heavens. You shall have joy unspeakable throughout your life. Whatever challenges you have been struggling with shall become a thing of the past in your life. From the mountaintop,  by the divine heavenly encounter, I command your life and destiny to come out of every stress, hardship and struggle. Amen.

10. Your harvest of miracles shall be released to you, you and yours shall receive a bountiful harvest of miracles without stress. I decree that Satan shall leave you alone. I declare that all the foundational problems affecting your breakthroughs shall be uprooted now. Your destiny helpers for divine connections shall be sent to you. You shall receive sweet help at all times. Amen.



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