“He has made His wonderful works to be remembered; The LORD is gracious and full of compassion.” (Psalms 111:4 NKJV).

1. Lord Almighty will move in with compassion today; because of His covenant of mercy and compassion that fail not, God shall move on your behalf and your family. Whoever stands to cause any mayhem in the journey of your life will crash without accomplishing their mission. Amen.

2. Lord Almighty shall move to release His mercy and compassion upon all you do and your loved ones. I declare that your day is filled with good news, overflowing joy, peace, blessings, promotion, opportunity, wealth, testimonies, good health and the presence of God. Amen.

3. You and yours shall receive continually, God’s wonders of mercy and compassion. The entrance of water into the coconut and the exact time a baby is formed in the womb remains a mystery. In the same way, you’ll become an enigma your enemies can not solve. Amen.

According to God’s Word for us in Psalm 86:15, I now proclaim upon you and your family as follows:

4. God will protect you and yours with His merciful and gracious power. You and yours shall abound in God’s loving kindness and truth. I launch you to a new season of harvest of miracles, and God’s mercy and compassion shall speak for you and your loved ones forever. Amen.

5. Lord Jesus shall deliver you and your loved ones from every snare and trap of the enemy through His compassion. You and yours will not fall and God will never leave you and yours to the wishes of your enemies. Amen.

6. Lord Jesus shall heal you and your loved ones from all sickness and disease through His compassion. God will not leave nor abandon you for the enemies. You and yours shall have reasons to shout for joy forever. You and yours shall receive the mercy and compassion to triumph over the enemy and glory to succeed in all you do. Amen.

7. Lord Jesus shall bring you and your loved ones under His cover and assurances; God shall have compassion on you and yours, and perform miracles in your lives. I pronounce that you and yours shall celebrate forever. Amen.

8. Lord Jesus shall anoint you and your loved ones to see His wonderful works and you shall live to enjoy the power of His mercy, compassion and grace unfailing. I terminate all enemies’ assignments for your sake. Amen.

9. Lord Jesus is plenteous in mercy and truth; you and your family members shall experience God’s abundant grace and mercy. Those accusing you before your helpers will receive shame and disgrace. Amen.

10. I now declare that anyone that opposes your rising will break down without remedy. Powers that attempt to block you from enjoying your inheritance will lose their strength completely. Strange demons that attack within your territory will catch fire. You and yours shall have good news from all fronts. You and yours are forever blessed!


Peace forever,


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