PROPHETIC DECLARATION – Week 3 ending 21/01/2023

PROPHETIC DECLARATION – Week 3 ending 21/01/2023

The Blood of Jesus has conveyed you and you are now on the Throne for grace and mercy. You shall receive multiple favour, grace and mercy. I declare that you are heavily protected with Jesus’ Blood.

The Holy Spirit brought several pineapples of varieties and species to me in my noon prayer of 21 January 2023, and He said to me, “l would walk with My children this year with sweet help.” I declare God’s sweet help upon you, your family and all you do.

I decree into your life thus; you shall be relevant. Your life shall be coated with favour. You shall never labour loss. You shall make it. You shall become a reference point of glory.

You shall see your desires fulfilled. You shall speak, and your words shall make significant impacts. You shall never be a pushover; you are leading your band. Receive oil of glory now. You shall shine and never go dim.

I declare that your efforts shall not be wasted. Your weak helpers shall be replaced. You and yours shall receive sweet help. You shall be helped nonstop. At the point of your breakthrough, you shall not suffer breakdown.

I declare that financially, maritally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, you shall break through. You and yours shall have unlimited supply from God’s Throne. You will get favours without asking.

You and your family will not know the struggles. I declare that no force of hell will stand against your advancement. In every area of life you and yours will go forward

I declare that the gate that leads to happiness will not be closed against you. You shall have access to heaven’s abundant blessings and share great testimonies with joy by the unique Grace of Almighty God.

Where you are and wherever your feet step shall be your land of honour and blessing. All your hanging breakthroughs and benefits shall be released to you: your mandatory benefactors and head lifters shall locate and deliver their messages to you.

I declare that your mandatory glory announcers shall locate you and perform their duties in your life. It shall be well with all that concerns you. You will experience joy that will make you shout endless halleluyah. All your journey this year shall end in praise and thanksgiving.


Peace forever,


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