False Story about Apostle Obadare

False Story about Apostle Obadare


The leaders of the C.A.C. World-Soul Winning Evangelical Ministry (WOSEM) have totally denied and also condemned in strong terms, a recent Magazine report circulating (not CA Magazine), which allege that the Director of the Ministry, Apostle T.O. Obadare died for about four days and came back to life afterwards. The report states that after Apostle Obadare came back to life, he claimed that while he was dead, he was taken to heaven where God expressed displeasure at him and the activities of WOSEM, and directed WOSEM and all other splinter groups to return to the mainstream of the Christ Apostolic Church. The Magazine also reports that God also took Apostle Obadare to the gates of hell, to see the fate that would befall him, should he refuse or fail to do as instructed.

The Magazine further reports that in hell, Apostle Obadare saw a popular woman pastor who died sometimes ago, and that she cried that she was banished to hell because of her dressing and lifestyle, and begged the Apostle to warn her husband and people.

CAC NEWSLETTER contacted the Chairman of CAC WOSEM Coordinating Council, Pastor D.A.S. Oluyi, and sought his reaction to the Magazine report. Pastor Oluyi denied the report, claiming that it was never made by their Director, Apostle Obadare. He said that the Ministry has learnt about the report and are at a loss about where the Magazine got its story. Attempts by CAC NEWSLETTER earlier, to interview the Deputy Chairman, CAC WOSEM DCC, Pastor Awe, was not fruitful, as the phone number we were given was a wrong one.

Meanwhile, further investigations by CAC NEWSLETTER abroad, indicate that the top echelon of the WOSEM Ministry are at the time of filing this report, gathering for a meeting with the Apostle who is presently resting in the U.S.A., to decide how to react to the offending publication. Indications are that the WOSEM leaders are embarrassed and indignant at the report which they allege is totally false, and they may be seriously considering the option of seeking legal redress against the offending Magazine.

There have been controversy in CAC for years, concerning the relationship of the Ministry with the Church. It would be recalled that in 1990, the revolutionists who caused the CAC crisis had accused WOSEM of operating what it called “Church within Church,” that is, a parallel administration within CAC. However, the CAC WOSEM churches in Nigeria are presently part and parcel of the mainstream CAC, as they have been gathered into a Coordinating Council under the Supreme Council and presidency of Pastor Ogunlade.


Report by Pastor David Udofia.

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